Support the Mission

Join the SPBC Mission!

The church needs faithful and able workers to disciple Christians and reach the lost here in the south pacific region.

Established nearly 40 years ago, SPBC is a not-for-profit organisation and registered New Zealand charity that exists to serve God's Kingdom locally and globally, by training men and women to meet this need.

We still need the support of willing servants who can meet the immediate financial needs of the college, and help us with our goal to achieve long-term financial independence.

We invite you to support the SPBC mission!

How Can I Help?

No matter your situation, you can help support the Kingdom work of SPBC!

Donate to SPBC

Your donation could meet a range of needs for SPBC and its graduates in ministry.

  • Our Core Work
    Help us with the immediate work of continuing to train and send out men and women for God's service. Regular monthly donations, annual lump sums, or even one-off contributions all count to keep us going.

  • Long-term Financial Independence
    We have a goal to become financially independent in the long-term, and have set up a dedicated fund for this purpose. Your contribution to this fund can provide investment returns many times over, and help ensure Christ-followers in the south pacific continue to have opportunities for in-depth study and equipping through God's Word.

  • Support a Graduate Working in Mission and Ministry
    SPBC graduates are often serving in local communities that are unable to support them financially (e.g. third-world nations). Your contribution will provide much-needed resources to free them for more effective service in the Kingdom.

Sponsor a Student

For many of our students, attending SPBC comes at significant personal and financial cost.

Students often give up their jobs, spend time away from close family, sell assets, use their savings, and seek support from within their local communities, in order to cover their living costs while studying. Some come from poor home countries, and - even after all their efforts - there is still a funding shortfall.

The SPBC Student Support Trust (aka Student Support) is an independent charitable trust that helps students cover their living costs during their time with us. All funding allocations are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the trust's board.

Your donation can make a huge difference, opening a door for someone to study with us, when it would not otherwise be possible.

>> Email for more information, or to make a contribution. <<

South Pacific Christian Education Foundation: Educating for Eternity

The South Pacific Christian Education Foundation (SPCEF) was established in 1991 as an independent charitable trust, with the goal of providing churches of Christ with appropriate training and educational facilities, so they can meet the challenge of sharing Christ with the world. By supporting SPBC and associated programmes, SPCEF fulfills this mission.

By making SPCEF a beneficiary of your estate, you can use your will to further God's will.

>> Learn more << or >> Email to make a contribution<<

Tell People About SPBC

Good news spreads when people tell their friends! We invite you to share SPBC's efforts with your churches, friends, and family.

This doesn't cost a cent, but is so valuable to us, because it can...

  • Encourage potential students to study with us

  • Help make global connections with our graduates on the ground

  • Connect us with financial supporters

  • Increase our prayer networks

  • And more!

Here's how:

  • Follow us on Facebook. Like and share our posts.

  • Check out our regular newsletters and share them.

  • Share our printable info packs. (Coming soon).

Pray for Us

We are so grateful for the prayer partners we have around the world, and invite you to pray along with us.

If you would like ideas, our ongoing requests are that:

  • SPBC can continue to work to God's glory, and submit fully to His will.

  • Staff and faculty can be effective servants, with the roles and resources entrusted to them.

  • Students will be deeply transformed by God's Word, through their studies at SPBC.

  • Graduates can be encouraged and successful in their ministries, and find willing hearts ready to receive the Gospel.

Thank you for your generous support!