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SPBC Prospectus

2023 Prospectus_FINAL.pdf

Your comprehensive guide to studying at SPBC.

What's On at SPBC - Quarterly Schedule

2023.09.21 Q4 Final.pdf

Detailed schedule for flexible study and one-off module options. Note: This may be an example only (check the date). For the latest schedule, please contact our office.

3x Printable A4 Posters - Experience SPBC

2023.11.06 Experience SPBC_A4 Poster.pdf

To print the A4 posters in A3 size, change your print settings to:
      Paper Size: A3 -- Scale: Fit to printable area.
You will need a printer that can use A3 paper.

Printable A5 Flyer (double-sided) - Experience SPBC

2023.11.06 Experience SPBC_A5 FLyers.pdf

Printable A4 Posters - Certificate in Chaplaincy

2023.11.17 Chaplaincy Poster_website.pdf