Apply to Study

This page provides information on our application process and requirements:

Admission Requirements

Our student body is diverse and inclusive, including both women and men, various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and ranging in age from high-school graduates through to retirees. The common thread is love in Christ, and an eagerness to seek God's will and a biblical foundation for their life.

To be accepted for study, applicants must:

  • be at least 18 years old when they begin their study

and satisfy SPBC that they are:

  • of good moral character and in agreement with the special Christian character of the South Pacific Bible College

  • able to work at an academic level equal to levels 5 and 6 or higher on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), and

  • proficient in the English language. Read 'English Language Requirements' on the Preparing to Study page.

The Admission Process

Our admission process is as follows.

    1. Enquiry:
      When you first get in touch, we will discuss your study and spiritual goals and help you with any questions you still have after browsing our website.

    2. Application:
      We will provide you with the application form to complete and sign, which includes providing up to three referee contacts to support your application. We will contact these referees directly.
      We will also request any relevant supporting information during the admission process, for example: verbal interviews, written testimonials, proof of identity and citizenship, etc.

    3. Processing and Outcome:
      When all application requirements have been met, we will process the application and advise you in writing of the outcome.

    4. Finalising:
      To finalise your place, accept the offer to study with SPBC and pay your fees. Before arriving and finalising enrolment paperwork, students must ensure other important steps are taken (see bottom of page).

          • Admissions into the Diploma in Christian Leadership (Level 6) also require a contract and the signatures of the student and the supervisors and churches with whom they will be working.

    5. Enrolment:
      You will finalise your enrolment paperwork once you are with us.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to enquire or apply now.

Admission is granted at the sole discretion of the college administration or their representatives.

Application Timing

    • International applicants should submit their admission application no less than three months before the earliest possible entry date, to allow for visa processing time. (You can only apply for a visa after you have received your offer letter. SPBC has no control over the time frame of visa applications, which is done by New Zealand Immigration).

    • Domestic applicants may submit an application up until a few weeks before classes start.

See Preparing to Study for a definition of Domestic and International students.

Other Important Steps

Being accepted to study is not the only important step you need to take. Find more details at our Preparing to Study page. Our Student Affairs Office can provide guidance on these during your application process. Examples include:

    • Visa application

    • Health and travel insurance

    • English language requirements

    • Living costs (including possible fundraising efforts)

    • Accommodation arrangements

    • Fees payment


To enquire or apply now, email SPBC Student Affairs <> with your intent to study.