Diploma in Biblical Studies (Level 6)


Offered every second year (odd-numbered years e.g. 2021)

This diploma is a great place to start, or follow-on from our Diploma in Christian Studies. While exploring the New Testament, the church’s roots, and its core theology, students of this diploma will be challenged to apply their learning to enhance their spiritual growth, ministry skills, leadership ability and evangelism approach.


Award upon completion: Diploma in Biblical Studies, leading to the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6), Biblical Studies Strand (2773)

Intake Dates: February
NZQA Level: 6 - About NZQA Levels
Credits: 120
Length: One year full-time
Accreditation: Approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Prerequisites: No prior study needed. English Language Requirements apply for international applicants. See SPBC's standard Admission Requirements for all applicants.
Course costs: Course costs: Tuition fees: $5,200 (domestic), $10,400 (international) + $50 administration.

Delivery: On-campus.
Study Options: Flexible study options may be arranged. Learn more.


This diploma is made up of six courses. Each course has multiple modules. See below for details. 

BI610 Biblical Interpretation (15 Credits)

As an introduction to theological study, students are equipped with research tools to help them translate, exegete, and teach on selected biblical passages. Topics covered include Biblical Exegesis & Translation, Engaging Scripture, and New Testament Themes.

BS610 Biblical Living (15 Credits)

Christian Living presents key tools for personal and communal development, such as Pastoral Care & Counselling, Spiritual Disciplines, and Personal Development. These tools will aid students in their promotion of a life oriented towards growth and service.

BS620 Biblical Studies (45 Credits)

Texts in this course include Luke, Acts, Corinthians, Romans, Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians, 1-3 John, the Gospel of John, Daniel, Revelation, and the Minor Prophets. As students examine theses texts, they are equipped to better teach and apply the Scriptures to the life of the Church today.

CS610 Church Studies (15 Credits)

Students will examine the roots of their faith in New Testament Church and Survey of Church History. Ways to support people in your church community are explored in Pastoral Care & Counselling.

MIN610 Ministry Leadership and Facilitation (15 Credits)

As well as being an opportunity to put learned skills into supervised practice in Leadership Skills, Studies & Practicum, this course encourages students to demonstrate expertise in the Art of Communication and sensitive leadership in Christian Worship.

MIN620 World Religion and Christian Worldview (15 Credits)

This course compares and contrasts the Christian worldview with that of other worldviews in World Faiths and Christian Evidences, providing pathways to understanding and evangelism. Students will also be introduced to a missional view of church and life in Foundation of Mission.

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