Flexible Study

Why Flexible Study?

Flexible study means you can enrol in just one or more individual modules from our diploma qualifications.

Flexible study is a great option if you want to:

  • 'Try before you buy', and start with one module before enrolling full-time the next year.

  • Combine short-term travel to beautiful Tauranga with a time of spiritual enrichment.

  • Boost your biblical and ministry understanding, without committing to a full diploma.

Enrolment Types


Diploma – The entire qualification, awarded upon completion of all required courses.

Course – This is an entire ‘class’, for which credit is given. To graduate with a qualification, all required courses must be completed. Courses have a two-letter, three-number code. E.g. TH501.

Module – A distinct component of a course, that focuses on a specific topic. Each module is usually taught by a separate teacher. Modules do not carry credit value on their own. Modules have a fourth number after the course code. E.g. TH501.1.

Modules on Offer

Click on a diploma below to see a full list and description of courses and modules we offer. (Please note: Not every module or course is suitable for flexible study.)

Keen to start studying? Contact us for more information on the current and upcoming schedule, and to discuss what options suit you.